Sale-Leaseback Financing

“The sale-leaseback industry has restructured the ownership of trillions of dollars worth of the nation’s corporate real estate assets, and the trend seems to be continuing.”
-National Real Estate Investor 1996.

Since that quote was made, the pace and volume of sale‐leaseback financings in the United States has accelerated tremendously, culminating in $13 billion of sale‐leaseback transactions in 2007 alone. Today, on almost a daily basis, a privately or publicly held company somewhere in America unlocks the value in its illiquid, owner occupied real estate by selling it to a specialized investment group for cash. The investment group then provides the seller/corporate tenant with a triple‐net lease (NNN) for 10 to 25 years. The seller continues to reap benefits after the sale as the low, off‐balance sheet monthly rental expense associated with the triple‐net lease is often considerably less than the expenses associated with ownership.

HCR can help you structure Sale‐Leaseback Financing regardless of the type of property you currently own. HCR has experience in restructuring.

• Service Centers
• Office Buildings
• Fast Food Establishments
• Distribution Warehouses
• Industrial Facilities
• Retail Stores
• Educational Buildings
• Health Care Facilities