Corporate Sale-Leaseback Benefits

HCR, as the real estate industry’s most efficient and cost effective facilitator of strategic sale-leaseback financing, has the resources to offer corporate owners of concrete, steel and glass the opportunity to convert property to cash faster, with better terms and at a lower cost, than other diversified investment bankers, commercial banks or institutional advisors.

The HCR sale-leaseback, structured properly with an operating lease, in addition to expense reduction and the conversion of your illiquid asset to capital, can provide your company with the following business advantages:

  • 100% financing based on the appraised value of the property;
  • Operating leases that do not appear on your balance sheet as debt or as a long-term lease obligation;
  • Full control of your real estate under lease provisions;
  • Tax deductible lease payments, and
  • Cash realized from your sale-leaseback transactions that can be used to reduce debt, expand operations, acquire other businesses, and enhance liquidity, etc.

*Always use competent tax and legal experts prior to entering into a sale-leaseback transaction.