About Us

HCR’s greatest strength is its principals expertise and deep track record in executing Sale-Leaseback Financings, successfully converting corporate real estate into capital for clients in a timely, reliable and customized manner through either traditional lease sale-leaseback financing or tailored sale-leaseback structure. HCR’s Advisory Service division has structured over a three quarters of a billion dollars in Sale-Leaseback Financings for both publicly and privately held corporations since 1992. HCR ‘s comprehensive Sale-Leaseback Financing practice also assists clients with the acquisition or disposition of net leased property.

Jonathan S. Horn, Founder and President of Horn Capital Realty, Inc  began his real estate career in the late 1980’s. Horn formed Horn Capital Realty, Inc  in 1995 to focus  on delivering exceptional service to the single-tenant net-lease sector of the commercial real estate market. Long before  Sale-Leaseback Financing  became an accepted  practice in the real estate market, Horn recognized the substantial capital and off-balance sheet financing benefits  that sale-leaseback financing could provide to  corporations. Since then, Horn has developed a deep track record in Sale-Leaseback Financing working with many respected corporations across the United States. Over the last five years, to further cater to the needs of clients nationwide , HCR expanded its suite of offerings to include Build-to-Suit Development and Management services.